with pen in hand….the world goes flat

Dear Friends,

So anyway I thought that I would actually write something instead of copying and pasting today. My loves politics and science have collided in my blog subscriptions. It is hard to find good science and space oriented blogs on Myspace. So my quest is on. If you discover any let me know.

Recently, I saw a friend's blog and he had written about his adventures in dating, so I thought that I would to. I have entered the dating world again only to find myself wanting a relationship with someone, but at this time I'm unable to commit to anyone. I feel that if I was in a relationship right now that I would cheat, and I don't want that. I would like to be ready for it and be faithful. I guess I am still sowing my wild oats since my divorce. Not that I party, because I don't. I do not even drink or smoke. The "wild oats" that I am speaking of are of experiencing what affect others can have on my life.

Textual Relations lol

This one guy has really impressed me; he is good to me and the kids, works, intelligent and ambitious. He is more of the inventor type and big into computers and online gaming.

Another guy that I had fallen for, was still in love with his ex, and didn't want anything more than a booty call I guess. Maybe that's all I wanted from him? Na, I wanted more. So I don't know where we really stand at this point. He may end up just being a good friend, unless he suddenly shows more interest, which he won't, so oh well I gained a friend, eh?

Hillary vs. Obama

Enough about that, let's talk politics. Hillary is holding out till the end even though she has less of a chance now. I think that if Obama was white that she would have already have dropped out. I think her not dropping out is linked to his race, because she assumes that because he is black that they will not choose him for the nomination. Why else would she be holding on for dear life to this? Don't get me wrong I like her a little, and respect her ambition, but come on?

I can not stand the thought of McCain being the next president. So I hope that he loses terribly in a grand defeat. I do not trust this man. He will take America down paths that we will not be able to recover from, just as Bush has. Repression and oppression plague Bush, the need to enforce his rule and settle old grudges with pure outlandish actions. My guess is that Bush is mad that the U.S. could not drill in the protected land, so he secretly influenced the oil prices to do us over. He had a grudge with Saddam so he took him out too, and dragged 4000 of our troops who lost their lives there with him. No better way to settle old vendettas than with the backing of the army, eh? There were no WMD's and they knew that all along. They tricked congress and the American people into war. If we now control that country then why are gas prices still so high?

Another problem that I cannot understand is the rising rice prices around the world. When there has been no decrease in production and distribution of rice, a staple of many eastern countries diets. This is somehow also being controlled; there is some new direction that the world is being pushed into. Starvation of the masses. Oppression and control. You will see it. I feel sad for those people who do not pay attention to the news and what goes unsaid. If you listen to the news you can see how they manipulate things in their chosen direction. Fox News is for McCain, CNN for Hillary, MSNBC Hillary, but I wonder if the people within these networks want to support Obama more openly, but cannot due to pressure.
I will write more later. I gtg

-Cynthia Yildirim

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