Fear Tactics of the U.S Government to Induce Panic

Fear Tactics of the U.S Government to Induce Panic
By Cynthia Yildirim
Thursday, October 09, 2008

Think about this folks our Government is restricting our rights, taking over our banks, even though they helped to screw it up with their carelessness while passing bills that they don't even read themselves. I believe that this was planned all along. Here is where I believe it will go from here. Here is my list I will name it.

Secret Government's Plan to Ruin America and Control it’s Populous Through Fear Tactics

1. Fear Tactic 1: Planned Attack to Induce Fear.
First we had 9/11 and the war that followed, I believe that it was planned way ahead of time before 9/11 to invade Iraq. It is about more than just revenge by Bush, also about oil, money, position and control. Look at the Billions of dollars going into Iraq, which has yet to show great progress in the villages. Why is it so expensive, when our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are rarely having full combat situations? What is costing so much? Whose pockets are we lining? Also, we are supposed to be helping the people of Iraq right? Yet, many villages have yet to get a clean water source, repaired schools and support for economic growth.

2. Fear Tactic 2: Gain Greater Control of Population.
They say, "Hey, if you want safety then we have to take some of your rights guaranteed to you by the Bill of Rights and The Constitution." Thus, we have the Patriot Acts to take care of this right? Yet, law enforcement officers throughout the nation have been instructed to even consider those who are only activist for The Constitution as terrorist, even though this is not a crime. It is a fact that law enforcement officers and soldiers are the first enforcers of the tyrannical laws of a dictatorship. They must make a moral decision now whether they will support a tyrannical government or help to restore it. Further more, to help to make our politicians once again work for the average man and woman not against them. Officers do no not have to do this loudly; these officers can do this by not acting on new procedures that are handed down to them that infringe on an individual’s rights. They are to protect the populous of their cities right? Well what occurs when they must protect the populous from a tyrannical mismanaged government. Remember this quote by Benjamin Franklin, "Those who would give up Essential
Liberty to purchase a Little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

3. Fear Tactic 3: Create Financial Crisis.
They knew this was coming, yet did nothing until it reached a kind of desperate status, where once again we are begging them to pass whatever comes up; currently, the 700 Billion Dollar bail out with attached pork barrel useless spending of course. Bank Loan Officers were encouraged to give loans to those who could not afford it, often without the need for the risky borrowers to show proof of income. Increased gas prices are linked with this, but that was the first step of the financial fear process. The gas companies have billions of dollars worth of increased revenue, yet they keep increasing gas prices. This only equals more panic.

4. Fear Tactic 4: Create Food Shortage, Starve Populous
This is slowly rearing its head, and is coming to us very soon. Why do you think we are hearing that we should create food stockpiles? Of course later they would pass a law saying those who do stockpile food will be arrested or shot as they have done in other countries recently.

5. Fear Tactic 5: Arrest and Execute Supposedly Unworthy Populous
This may come at a later time in the plan, maybe even in coming generations, because this secret world government is very patient, yet by the way our economy is going it appears as if someone inpatient is in the reins and wants to move things along. This also goes along with making us fear each other, that we will tell our neighbors secrets or rat them out for minor infractions out of fear. It will be as Nazi Germany you will see and it will not be pretty or easy. We saved the German citizens from Hitler, but who is going to save us?

6. Fear Tactic 6: Crash the World Markets to help in Create One World Government
Today the United States government announced that it may begin buying banks out, just as Russia once did enacting further collapse there. Iceland has already purchased all of their banks, while it's citizens are uncertain whether to trust what their government says that the banks are now safe, or to pull out all of their money out.

7. Fear Tactic 7: Reduce Education to Populous
This is already happening; our school's budgets are being cut, harder to get a loan for college, low math and reading ranking compared to other countries, new doctrines secretly being implemented in our schools.

I will post more tactics as I run across them; also I want to say that unlike some activist I am not engrossed with what happened in Waco, Texas. I do not own a gun and am not linked with any groups or militias. I am a voter and merely a citizen of the United States that is observant to what is happening and wishes to voice my opinion wherever I can.

Cynthia Yildirim


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