Wal-Mart Ousting Long-Term Employees With False Claims of Low Productivity

My mother has worked for Wal-Mart for 20+ years and she is 62yrs. old. She is a manager over the Domestics Department, which covers the bedding and curtains etc. My mother on her annual Evaluations has always gotten “Exceeds Expectations” on her scores. She has been Employee of the Year before, and Employee of the month before in her store. She is always on time for work, and never calls in unless she is extremely sick, which is very rare. She is a hard worker, thus that is why she is a manager.

The dilemma is that, recently my mother has gotten a new supervisor that is over her in her department and Softlines which covers clothing. This new supervisor I will call her “Evil” is a slave driver and everyone hates her, but does not say anything, because they are scared of losing their jobs. My mother said that this supervisor gives her a long list of things to do that she knows my mother will not be able to finish, because my mother is setting up modulars, helping customers, stocking, scanning in pallets, doing exceptions and more. My mother said that this supervisor when telling her what she wants her to do today has the look of “I know your not going to be able to finish this ha ha” thus why I call her evil, she wants my mother to fail. This supervisor complained about my mother saying that she is not finishing her work, but she does as much as she possibly can. My mother said that she was working so hard that she was panting. When this supervisor complained about her, my mother got called into the office for a “Coaching” and they told her she has to work even harder to try to finish. My mother came home that day crying, I had to watch as my wonderful mother cried and it broke my heart. My mother is scared, because of her age and how long she has been there that maybe they are trying to get rid of her. This evil slave driving supervisor made my mother cry. My mother said that none of the other supervisors are like that. This one takes pride in making people uncomfortable and feel bad, how can this be what Wal-Mart has become.

I thought that Wal-Mart helped others and the community, then why are they trying to get rid of their long-term employees? This evil supervisor got someone in Softlines dept. fired that had been there 11 years, only by saying that she was not working fast enough. This supervisor came to dayshift from overnights, so I think that may have something to do with it, because the overnight workers are treated different and worked harder than the day workers usually. I pray that my mother does not lose her job, because it would be a Wrongful Termination. They should let these older workers finish out their retirement. Is Wal-Mart that greedy that they would lose so much by letting these people stay in their jobs?

Unfortunately, Alabama does not have a Wrongful Termination Law, so employers are free to fire someone for any reason, which is also wrong. Every state should have a law to protect employees from wrongful termination.

I am asking you to help me in emailing the new Wal-Mart CEO, executives and your local store managers  to complain about the treatment of long-term employees that have worked 10+ years and about the need for supervisors to be more understanding of the people under them.

Thank you,

Cynthia Yildirim

Here is there site you can send Wal-Mart comments or complaints


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