Monthly Archives: February 2013

CNN is removing their best journalist, Soledad O’Brien. Can they not handle her real journalism?

From my tweets: “Shame on CNN for replacing their best journalist Soledad O’Brien on Starting Point. She was what every journalist should inspire to be like.” Soledad O’Brien deserves a voice in political journalism, CNN is making a mistake removing her from her morning show Starting Point. Al Jazeera English or MSNBC should snatch up Soledad […]

Why Hacktivists Are Wrongly Top Targets for Politicians Instead of Chinese Hacking of U.S Systems

“The White House warned today of the threat posed by WikiLeaks, LulzSec, and other “hacktivist” groups that have the ability to target U.S. companies and expropriate confidential data.”* Why aren’t hackers in China being as actively pursued as hacktivists and people connected to Wikileaks? Well, who is exposing the unethical interests and corruption of politicians? […]