CNN is removing their best journalist, Soledad O’Brien. Can they not handle her real journalism?

From my tweets: “Shame on CNN for replacing their best journalist Soledad O’Brien on Starting Point. She was what every journalist should inspire to be like.”

Soledad O’Brien deserves a voice in political journalism, CNN is making a mistake removing her from her morning show Starting Point. Al Jazeera English or MSNBC should snatch up Soledad O’Brien, since they also focus on hard hitting journalism. We need more Soledad O’Brien’s in the world. She went after both sides in interviews, and didn’t let politicians get away with lying.

She is great for going after both sides equally. Soledad does real journalism, that’s why we love her.”

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About video: “Soledad O’Brien will no longer be a host on CNN, but she’s staying with the network — sort of.

O’Brien told the New York Times that she is returning to the role she had before she became the host of “Starting Point” in 2011: a roving documentary reporter. The twist this time is that she is forming her own production company, Starfish Media, and will not be tied exclusively to CNN; she will be able to shop programs to other networks and air them on the Web as well.”*

Soledad O’Brien is probably the best journalist CNN has; she asks real, hard-hitting questions, and challenges leaders regardless of their party. So obviously she’s being moved out from her anchor job. Why? And what ironic choice is taking her place? Cenk Uygur breaks it down. 

Read more from Huffington Post.

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