Sadly, Christian Religious Law and Muslim Shariah Law Use Same Tactics to Limit Rights and Freedom

gavel   In the same manner that some Muslim lawmakers abroad use Shariah Law to limit rights and freedom of their citizens with extreme interpretations of the laws, American Christian congressional Republicans, Tea Party, and some Democratic members do the same, but with Christian Law.

Tennessee, Louisiana and Arizona have passed laws banning judges from consulting Sharia, or more generally, foreign or religious laws. Oklahoma voters approved a ban on Sharia law in 2010, but a judge blocked the rule after a Muslim man filed a religious freedom lawsuit. Legislatures in South Carolina and Florida are considering anti-Sharia bills.” – Huffington Post

Christian congresspersons use Christian Religious Law based on Bible teachings to limit the rights of it’s citizens by passing laws such as DOMA,  (Defense of Marriage Act enacted in 1996) whose future is now being considered by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Christians use religious law to limit the rights and freedoms of gay people throughout the United States, and it’s wrong. It is wrong for anyone to use religious beliefs as a basis to enact laws. State political leaders also use Christian Religious Law to limit the rights of women to choose what is best for their own medical and economic situations by banning Abortion.


When it comes down to it the the way in which Christians in power force their beliefs onto populations through legislation, and the way that Muslims use Shariah based on the Koran to enact laws are the same. They are both wrong in doing so. The reasons are that everyone isn’t Christian or Muslim, there are more religions or lack thereof in existence than just those two. In fact there are more world views than anyone can imagine. No one should be forced to live by someone else’s religious laws.

Basic human laws are the exception, of course we are against killing, or robbing your fellow man, but that is instinctual not religious law though often included in religious text.

In the current laws on Abortion, women are denied a choice, based on religious beliefs crossing over to actual legislation. These women are bound by a religious belief that they may not share. This limits their rights immensely.

In the current laws on Gay Marriage, those seeking to marry may be prevented from doing so, they too are bound by religious beliefs crossing over into actual legislation, that they may not share. This limits their rights immensely, and it’s wrong in a nation that is suppose to be for justice for all showing favor for one religion, or group over another.

All religions are free to exist of course, and we are free to to be free from it. Both are protected in the U.S. Constitution. It’s time to give women back their right to choose, and gay couples the right to marry, and stop using religious law to enact law.


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