Boston Marathon Bomb Suspect Spotted on Video

Prayers have been said for the Boston bomb victims. While they are upper most in people’s minds, the search for those responsible goes on.

Investigators say they have found images of a potential suspect from a surveillance camera. A man has been viewed dropping off a bag at the scene.

However the FBI has denied reports that any suspect had been arrested.

But the information is being seen as a break through after numerous rumours had stirred up tensions in the city.

Our correspondent spoke to one woman who said:
“I have been getting news alerts all day, and they send you one thing and then the next thing you heard is that it’s not true. So sometimes I’m more at the point right now where it is worth waiting to find out what’s really been going on before of jumping to conclusions.”

Even an FBI briefing was delayed and then cancelled after the venue was evacuated due to what turned out to be a false alarm.

Reporting for euronews Stefan Grobe said:

“Within 48 hours Boston has gone from shock to mourning to fear. The evacuation of the Federal Courthouse building behind me has sent citizens and authorities on high alert. And with police being unhappy about leaks that turn out to be false, the level of nervousness is rising.” – Euro News


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