Collection of Turkey Protest Photos 2013 – Occupy Taksim, Occupy Istanbul, Occupy Gezi

Gallery of photos collected between May 31-June 1, 2013 of the Turkish anti-government protest around Turkey. Many of the photos are graphic, and I think you should see them, because that is reality, and you should not be shielded from it by the media. The reality is that many of the protesters were seriously injured or killed by Turkish police actions. The protest originally began as a peaceful protest against the building of another mall in what little greenery is left in Istanbul, a treasured park space was under threat. The people of Turkey needed little space to relax from their long days of work, or spend time with their families, or children in an open green space. This was about to be denied to them, so they rightfully protested. The government there overreacted, and used excessive force against a peaceful protest.

The police used tear gas, possible live ammunition, and water cannons on their citizens. We will have to wait and see what the outcome of all of this will be.  As a Westerner from the outside Turkey looked stable to me, and it looked as though the Turkish government was doing everything in their power to protect the people from the threat of terrorism and the Syrian government attacks. I was not aware of everything that was going on there until now. My Turkish friends on Facebook say the protest is against fascism, an Islamic government, and police brutality.  Wouldn’t you protest the same?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. If you live in Turkey you might want to also get a WordPress blog, and vent your frustrations about everything going on there.

NYTimes Reports:“Police Attack Protestors in Istanbul’s Taksim Square, Peaceful Protest Turns Violent”“The protest movement comes amid continued public anger at Turkey’s policy of supporting the rebels in Syria, which many Turks feel has led to a violent spillover inside Turkey, including recent car bombings in the southern city of Reyhanli, which killed dozens of people. The rising public disenchantment represents a significant political challenge to Mr. Erdogan, who is planning to run for the presidency next year and has been trying to alter the Constitution to create a more powerful presidential system.”

View More Occupy Gezi Protest Photos on Tumblr or Twitter Searches #OccupyGezi #OccupyTaksim#TurkishSpring or Youtube.

Recommended Reading Viewing: Turkey Protest Videos, Turkish Spring Report.

Here are the photos click the photos to see larger images:



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