Trayvon Martin Tribute Song

“We all know about the gut-wrenching story of Trayvon Martin who was fatally shot on February 26, 2012 by self-appointed neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman. Trayvon was walking to his father’s home after purchasing a bag of Skittles and a can of Arizona Iced Tea. Due to that rainy night,Trayvon had his hood on his head in which Zimmerman thought him to look suspicious and called 911. Although the 911 operator suggested that Zimmerman not follow Trayvon after he informed them that he was, he disobeyed and followed Trayvon anyway and consequently Trayvon Martin who was only 17 has lost his life after being shot in the chest by Zimmerman.

Trayvon Martin was not a criminal nor did he have a criminal record of carrying guns or committing violent crimes. He only looked suspicious to Zimmerman for reasons that are unfair and unjust. Trayvon Martin’s dreams are gone. His dreams of becoming a pilot are gone. His dreams of going to college are gone. His love for football, basketball and skiing are forever gone because someone thought he looked suspicious enough to kill him.”



  1. Thank you so much for this story Cynthia! Since this has happened I just can’t stop thinking about HOW I would feel as a mom if this were to happen to my son. I often have discussions with my son about this case and what precautions he needs to take as a young black teenage boy …and how he should be always on the look out for the George Zimmerman types that mean to do him harm, in the post Trayvon Martin Era. This song broke my heart because in my mind this could have been my son. No one deserves to have their child hunted down and killed like an animal in the street. Such a sad…sad thing.


    1. I agree, it’s so sad what happened to Trayvon Martin just because of the color of his skin and stupid racism. I hope that this doesn’t happen to anymore young black or latino men.


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