Local Firefighter: Arizona Firefighters Knew What They Were Doing

CBS Boston

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WALPOLE (CBS) – Massachusetts has its own elite team of firefighters similar to the Arizona Granite Mountain Hotshots, who lost nineteen men while battling a massive wildfire Sunday.

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The Massachusetts Wildfire Crew is a group of specially trained firefighters who battle wildfires all over the country.

John Lightbody of Walpole served on the crew for 15 years. He recalls how unpredictable and dangerous wildfires can be.

“The wind changes back and forth. And you don’t outrun it… When they say it’s like a living animal, it’s really amazing,” Lightbody told WBZ-TV Monday.

Lightbody has fought wildfires in nine states, including California, Alaska, and Arizona.

He remembers one particularly dangerous fire in Montana where his team came close to deploying emergency shelters similar to the ones used by the Arizona firefighters.

The tents are designed for extreme emergencies…

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