5 Ways for MSNBC to Improve Ratings @MSNBC

As a Democrat, I would like for MSNBC to always perform at top levels. Recently, it has been reported that their ratings have fallen, so here are my suggestions to repair the MSNBC lineup.

1. Stop showing Lockup programs. Everyone is sick of them. Seriously.

2. Show social documentaries instead of Lockup. A good company to buy documentaries from is Journey Man Pictures, show those instead, and your viewers will be even more informed about the world. Here is their site Journeyman Pictures, and Youtube page. Or find a source of current documentaries you like.

3. Do not repeat the same information over and over, give the host instead certain areas politics, world news, and U.S. news to focus on. Make each show something you don’t want to skip over because it will inform you of something different. Rachel Maddow does an excellent job, and is very informative, she should stay as she is.

4. Do not censor stories, or fail to report them just because you disagree with them. Your viewers know when you do, and it will effect your ratings when your viewers see you as dishonest or neglecting to keep them informed. Your viewers will flip to the channel that is covering what they want to know, and they shouldn’t have to.

5. Present the Democratic positions more than you do the current right-wing position on so and so. Currently, you leave the left-wing without knowing their parties and representatives positions on most topics, and even the Democrat, Liberal, Progressive position on anything. It isn’t always a given. Instead of saying for example, “Republicans want to get rid of the minimum wage”, say this but also say “If Republicans do this it will actually hurt the poor because…”

6. Again the Lockup program is taking up valuable time that could be spent on a variety of social documentaries on a variety of topics. I understand the need to show what goes on in the lockup environment, but the shows should only be shown once every 2-3 months if you must show them.

Thank you MSNBC for providing a news network for us on the left to turn to, but you can be even better.

by: Ms. Cynthia Yildirim


  1. Dateline is not news. Lockup is not news. Hour long exposes on royals are not news.Scripted shows about 10 year old solved cases are not news. Yet these and more are constantly produced under the banner of ‘NBC News’. Tell us what is going on in our country, and the world, how it effects us and who is doing it. With that you will foster an informed electorate. That is your job.

    “The Commonwealth requires the education of the people as the safeguard of order and liberty”


    1. Exactly Robin.


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