How Solid Is Our WMD Intelligence On Syria?

The Dish


Gregory Djerejian rightly requests “hard confirmation” on who used chemicals weapons in Syria:

[W]e require conclusive proof of the origins of the attack, beyond horrific footage of the grisly aftermath. After all, this speaks only to something horrible having happened, as did reports by respected NGOs like Doctors Without Borders (MSF), but it does not firmly evidence regime culpability. Similarly, sarin samples obtained from first responders proves the existence of said neurotoxic agent on the scene, but not necessarily who delivered it, precisely how, and exactly where.

After the Iraq fiasco, we need to ensure that we do not simply “trust” the guarantees of our democratic leaders and the security state that is feeding them intelligence:

[W]e have no choice but to reckon that we labor under the legacy of the terrible blunder that was the ginned-up intelligence that caused trillions of dollars wasted, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi…

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