Comet ISON Fragments Will Not Hit Earth, Don’t be Fooled by Conspiracy Theorist Crap, See Actual Trajectory

UPDATE: 11/30/2013 Comet ISON Barely Survives Encounters With Sun, see gif below. Click photo to activate gif.

Comet ISON goes around the Sun, and barely survives encounter.

Comet ISON goes around the Sun, and barely survives encounter.

Actual science, and Comet ISON trajectory reports have debunked conspiracy theorist bullshit. Conspiracy theorist on Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook are all abuzz claiming that Comet ISON fragments will hit Earth, and that it is the winged planet, mysterious Planet X and to be a Nibiru cataclysm. It’s total bullshit.

The actual trajectory reports show that the closest that Comet ISON (on December 26, 2013) will get to Earth is 64.2 million km,  which is 167 times further away than the Moon. Regarding Mars, Comet ISON will pass by 10.8 million km from Mars on October 1st., 2013. It will be visible to the naked-eye in the Southern Hemisphere from November 28, 2013 to around Mid-December.

If you believe conspiracy crap yourself, you need to ask yourself how much of what they say actually happens? Not much. That’s because they just want to scare you and give you something unrealistic to fear. You should do your own research, and look at actual reports from scientist, and astronomers. The conspiracy theorist are even lying on Coast to Coast AM and saying that NASA is not reporting the trajectory of Comet ISON, when they are, it’s right there if you look. Also, other sane amateur astronomers, and scientist around the world are reporting the actual trajectory as well.

See an Interactive Comet ISON Model

comet Ison trajectory

Check out these trajectory video made by actual scientist at NASA:

NASA – Chasing Comet ISON – Trajectory

NASA's new animation shows Comet ISON's path through the inner solar system. NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

NASA’s new animation shows Comet ISON’s path through the inner solar system.
NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

“On Oct. 1, ISON passes within about 6.5 million miles (10.5 million km) of Mars. As it goes by, it may be visible to some of NASA’s Mars rovers and satellites, including the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and Curiosity.

The Sungrazing comets often shed large fragments or even completely disrupt following close encounters with the sun, but for ISON neither fate is a forgone conclusion. Whatever happens, scientists will be able to learn more about comets by how it interacts with the sun’s tenuous atmosphere, the corona.hen, on Nov. 28, ISON will make a sweltering passage around the sun. The comet will approach within about 730,000 miles (1.2 million km) of its visible surface, which classifies ISON as a sungrazing comet. In late November, its icy material will furiously sublimate and release torrents of dust as the surface erodes under the sun’s fierce heat, all as sun-monitoring satellites look on. Around this time, the comet may become bright enough to glimpse just by holding up a hand to block the sun’s glare.

Following ISON’s solar swingby, the comet will depart the sun and move toward Earth, appearing in morning twilight through December. The comet will swing past Earth on Dec. 26, approaching within 39.9 million miles (64.2 million km) or about 167 times farther than the moon.” – NASA

comet Ison trajectory 2



  1. “Actual science, ..” is not mystic or vague enough to excite those who thrive on contrived sensation and mystery. Why do they not see that real, every day, actual science contains all the mystery, sensation, excitement and awe-inspiring wonder that any human being can thrill to? Keep on telling ’em straight Cynthia.


    1. Thank you Neville, for the great comment. You are right, real science is a wonder in itself. 🙂 I’ll keep telling ’em.


  2. Lynchpin · · Reply

    Thanks for this article. The stupid apocalypse guys keep setting my nerves on edge and its nice to see someone posting something that ISN’T made to worry people needlessly


    1. You’re welcome, they get on my nerves too. I don’t like that they spread lies just to scare people.


      1. One thing I don;t get is how does your NASA link work when the US government shutdown has also shut down their main website? Is it a cached page?


      2. (additional to last comment) or is the goddard space center page ona seperate funding from the one that caused NASA to shut their website down?


      3. I have no idea why it would work while gov’t was shutdown, perhaps NASA has so many sites they forgot to shut something down during it. Who knows.


  3. comet ison is not real is so fake I dont believe in it.nothing going to happen its bullshit.and its not in the bilbe.and only talks about the raputer.NASA is full of shit about comet ison.I know whats real and not real.and they just what to scare peaple.your not fooling me NASA and the 2012 crap wasnt true.and look in the sky there anit no comet ison bitch read the bilbe dude get your fakes strate


    1. What I am saying is that the conspiracy theorist are full of shit, and lying to people to scare them, so are doomsdayers, it poses no threat to Earth. Comet ISON will be visible in the sky in late November to mid-December. I don’t know what 2012 crap you are referring too.


  4. Cynthia you think youre very open minded person and claim conspiracy theorists are just nuts or idiots.

    Im not telling you the comet will hit the Earth or defending conspiracy theorists im just saying you are an idiot if you get all of your ideas from NASA.

    Do you really believe NASA shares everything with public and especially people like you? seriously LOL.
    Maybe youre too brainwashed by mainstream media and worse than conspiracy theorists.


    1. I get my ideas from facts, not made up fantasies from fear-mongers.


  5. I swear half the time i think i am surrounded by idiots, niburu, planet x, ison hitting earth…i’m glad there are people like you around cynthia, you give me faith in humanity


  6. why the sun gravitational pull can’t take this thing? I believe that the sun gravitational pull is very strong, please explain.


  7. Facts girl facts….by giving your opinionand saying they are bull you are no better than them…dont get me wrong the deathdoomers are bad…but true journalism gives facts not opinions.stop beliving nasa they wont warn you…if they would why didnt they about the ones this week in Quebec. ?.didnt see them…lol….2 days later they had pic on sites. Reality is no one is on the rock to know the truth and they dont want panic.
    Cute reading no better than others…facts is what we want…trajectory, size, chemicals in the tail…no one knows for real…oh wait nasa sent a fleet to test it….hmmm…facts!


  8. I can understand you trying to debunk all the bs but for you to think you know what will happen is stupid. I don’t care what nasa or anyone else says only god knows and if you look at what is happening like the one that hit russia not too long ago? Or the one in oklahoma? How can you be so sure seriously you are no better than the conspiracy theorists.


    1. Once Comet ISON passes without any fragments hitting Earth from it, then you will see that facts matter.


  9. I believe if anything was to hit earth we would not be told , it would cause panic , and panic causes a lot of trouble , so its not 100 % for sure we are getting the truth . and if anything does hit earth between dec /jan …… gonna start listening to conspiracy theorists .


  10. Isaiah Martinez · · Reply

    Thanks for the knowledge now I can have some peace 🙂 I had found about it about an hour ago then found your website thanks peace is restored thanks to you


    1. You’re welcome, and it turns out that I was right.


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