What Came Before: Steve-O on Why He is Vegetarian

I’m not yet a Vegetarian, but this video is important to see, it shows the horrible treatment that animals endure. It will shock, and break your heart.

Watch the video that will change your life! TV and movie star Steve-O introduces you to someone you’ll never forget. See the incredible rescue, and the shocking reality of what came before.

Produced by Seth Webster for Farm Sanctuary.
Written and directed by Nick Cooney.
Co-written by Bruce Friedrich.

Visit http://www.WhatCameBefore.com for more info, and to order a Meat-Free Meal Guide.

This video covers the truth about meat and factory farming. See the individuals behind the chicken, pork, beef, and fish that Americans are cooking, the hidden face of meat.

One comment

  1. Rev. David T. · · Reply

    Truly eye-opening video. The switch to vegan can be made, it is not easy but it isn’t impossible.
    Recommend this video to everyone, it is a must see.


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