Three Ways for President Obama to Turn Affordable Care Act Website Around from the Brink

072413-politics-barack-obama-economy-middle-classPresident Obama can and will bring the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or what Republicans like to call “Obamacare” around. Here is how he can take a more hands-on approach to it’s revival and stability.  Here is how I would approach the issue.

  1. President Obama should personally visit CGI, and any firm or hired programmers responsible for repairing Pres. Obama should get the personal cell phone numbers of all the programmers,  and managers overseeing the website, and call them every day or every other day, and see where things stand, try to visit them personally every week for a meeting, leave the media out of the meetings except for your personal photographer, and personal video crew. Make the meetings more  personal in this way. Also, look into if someone in CGI is working to sabotage programs linked to Democrats, if so they should be removed from receiving anymore government contracts, or that individual or individuals removed from their position if possible.
  2. President Obama should continue to promote the phone number 1-800-318-2596, and printable paper application (and Instructions) where people can sign up for the ACA quickly.  The phone number 1-800-318-2596 should be promoted more than the site, and should have been from the beginning. The people need to see that you still care about ACA, and are working hands-on to fix it in the only way you can,  calls, meetings with programmers via Skype or in person if needed as programmers sometimes work from home, and personal visits to the operations behind ACA. Demand a list of the operations people and their positions, and contact info from the top down.
  3. President Obama should put off some other less demanding things in his schedule and focus intently on ACA for at least a month or two, the time that he takes away from his busy schedule to focus on ACA will pay off big time in the long run for his legacy, and elections in 2014, and 2016. Take charge of your baby ACA, or your baby will loose direction, and respect. I think that this hands-on approach could restore morale in the Democratic party as well, and it shows good leadership. This hands-on approach could even bring some Republicans around on ACA as well, they respect take charge attitudes on either side.

I hope that you like these ideas President Obama. Bad launch be damned, ACA will recover.

Check your email Pres. Obama, I also sent a breakdown of these tip to you.


Cynthia Yildirim
Author of Garden Pleasures, and daily tweeter. 🙂


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