Africa: Stop Exploiting African Miners Through Low Wages, Protest Continue

A strike by South African platinum miners has entered its 15th week after workers rejected the latest wage offer from employers just days from the country’s general elections.

The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU) has been heavily criticised by mining companies. South African President Jacob Zuma, who has remained relatively quiet on the issue, has expressed his concern of the impact the strike is having on the country’s economy.

Read more: South African Miners Protest Continues



  1. shame poor black exploited miner,who earns in excess of R10.000 per month
    whereas white people arent even allowed to look for work or own farms or businesses without having to give half away
    wake up world the poor african is playing you
    and you believe every word they are saying
    come to south africato get robbed and raped, then you will sing a different tune


  2. Jacob the rapist and corrupter is setting such wonderful examples of how an African president
    can rape and steal and get away with it no wonder thousands of the African National Corruption
    are doing the same thing and the world still throws money at these terrorists


  3. South Africa is morally and financially broke
    the african national congress has plundered the gold reserves
    destroyed all government departments
    raped all the assets including water
    and still dare call themselves honorable
    beware the fool that invests in this country
    the new south africa ha ha ha


  4. all the kings men
    i have never seen so many people lie to protect their president as in south africa
    Jacob the rapist and Corruptor will do anything to protect himself
    even sell out his people and country
    and accept money and help from anyone and do anything for mother China


  5. Mac Maharaj is the presidents ass whatever he says is the best bullshit jacob could fart out


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