U.S. Doctor Kent Brantly Recovers From Ebola While in Atlanta, And Now Released With Nancy Writebol

2014 West Africa Ebola Outbreak

Shocking news came out yesterday that Dr. Kent Brantly has made a full recovery from the deadly Ebola virus. The CDC has declared that he is no risk to public, and is now not contagious. Dr. Brantly had taken a dose of the experimental Ebola serum ZMapp, which aided in his recovery. Also, missionary Nancy Writebol has been released. Now we all wonder when ZMapp will help the people of West Africa where it is desperately needed. Hopefully, this proof of it’s power as a way to fight Ebola will aid in it’s getting FDA approval for distribution to West Africa. Usually, it can take up to ten years to get a new drug approved by the FDA.

Cynthia R. Kelly


Articles for further reading:

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  4. American Doctor Infected With Ebola Recovers

Latest on Ebola from CDC Below:

Read full report here, also see infographic here.

Ebola Case Counts

Total Cases

Updated: August 21, 2014

  • Suspected and Confirmed Case Count: 2473
  • Suspected Case Deaths: 1350
  • Laboratory Confirmed Cases: 1460
Cases by Country
  • Suspected and Confirmed Case Count: 579
  • Suspected Case Deaths: 396
  • Laboratory Confirmed Cases: 423
  • Suspected and Confirmed Case Count: 972
  • Suspected Case Deaths: 576
  • Laboratory Confirmed Cases: 242
  • Suspected and Confirmed Case Count: 15
  • Suspected and Confirmed Case Deaths: 4
  • Laboratory Confirmed Cases: 12
Sierra Leone
  • Suspected and Confirmed Case Count: 907
  • Suspected and Confirmed Case Deaths: 374
  • Laboratory Confirmed Cases: 783

How do you get the Ebola Virus? I will tell you. Or you can read about it here.

If the person you come in contact with is already infected then:

You can catch Ebola if you come in contact with: (blood, vomit, semen, sweat, spit, pee, poop, other fluids.)
AND Contaminated Objects: (needles, medical equipment)
OR Infected Animals: (by contact with blood, fluids, or infected meat)
Early Symptoms:  Fever, Headache, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Stomach Pain, Unexplained Bleeding or Bruising, and Muscle Pain.

Ebola only spreads when a person is sick. A patient must have symptoms to spread the disease to others.

After 21 days if exposed person does not develop symptoms they will not become sick with Ebola.

Read the PDF Infographic.

Read the latest CDC Ebola Report.




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