New U.S. Ebola Case: Health Care Nurse Contracts Ebola, Nina Pham Helped Care For Thomas Eric Duncan




Nina Pham, Dallas, Texas Ebola Patient, a nurse.

Nina Pham, Dallas, Texas Ebola Patient, a nurse. 2nd. U.S. Ebola Patient.

Update: Name and photo of nurse released. She is age 26, her name is Nina Pham.

Today, it was reported that an unnamed nurse at the same hospital that treated Thomas Eric Duncan, has contracted Ebola. This would make the second confirmed case diagnosed in the U.S., she claims that she followed all CDC safety measures by wearing gloves, gown, mask, and shield, and is currently unaware at what point she could have contracted Ebola while following them.

“Dr Daniel Varga, of the Texas Health Resource, said the worker had worn a gown, gloves, mask and shield when providing care to Duncan during his second and final hospital admission.” BBC News

Ebola Suit with titles

CDC reports that the nurse had extensive contact with Ebola patient  Thomas Eric Duncan, who passed away on October 8, 2014, also that the nurse was not part of the 48 contacts being monitored by the CDC. CDC Director also reports that the 48 were the only ones that Duncan had contact with during that first contact period, which ended on September 28, 2014. Now the CDC (The Center for Disease Control and Prevention) is doing a new investigation, into who Thomas Eric Duncan came in contact with in second contact period. CDC says that they will monitor to make sure that the Ebola infected nurse receives the best possible care. CDC also said that there was a ‘breach in protocol’ in Dallas, Texas that led to the new Ebola infection. They also report that the infected nurse only had contact with one other person during this time, and that it was caught at a stage that will be easier to treat.

Today the CDC director Thomas Frieden did a Question and Answer session from Atlanta, Georgia CDC main headquarters to help quell fears of Ebola, and help dispel disinformation out there about the case, and Ebola itself. Hopefully, this new case will be contained properly, and none of the other people that Duncan came in contact with will show symptoms. Texas officials said that hazmat teams are currently cleaning and disinfecting her apartment, police have also notified her neighbors. It is also reported that the new patient has a pet, who will be monitored. This is important, because in Spain a pet dog of Ebola patient was put down, hopefully this will not happen in this case.

“CDC Director Thomas Frieden told CBS’ “Face The Nation” in an interview airing Sunday morning that the case is troubling “because clearly there was a breach in protocol.” – CBS News

The unnamed Ebola infected nurse is currently being treated in an isolation ward at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, and is listed as in stable condition. The new patient has requested total privacy, and does not want her name leaked to the media.


So this brings the new U.S. Ebola totals to 2 cases, 2 confirmed, 1 death. The total global deaths are 4000+ currently, they have been increasing by 230+ a week. The Ebola virus is currently most active still in West Africa, in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Senegal, and also in Mid-Africa in The Democratic Republic of the Congo, there have been no new cases reported in Nigeria.

I have been following closely the Ebola outbreak worldwide since July, the current West Africa Ebola outbreak began in March. I will post links to my Ebola statistics post below, also to articles related to this new Ebola case.


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Map of currently active Ebola regions in West Africa, as of October 8, 2014. Source: CDC

Ebola Statistics October 2014

Ebola Statistics as of October 8, 2014. Source: BBC News, and WHO (World Health Organization).


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