List of Current Possible Ebola Vaccines In Research, Development, or Trial Stages

US Ebola Vaccines Cropped

Note: I will update this list from time to time, as I get more information on current vaccines in the works.

Current countries with possible Ebola Vaccines in the works:

  1. Canada, 1st human trials have begun there.
  2. Russia, announced that they are about finish development on a vaccine.
  3. U.S., currently in Maryland.

Ebola Therapeutics in Development

  1. ZMapp (Mapp Biopharmaceutical) – Combination of 3 artificially produced antibodies directed against the Ebola virus.
  2. BCXX430 (BioCryst) – A novel drug (nucleoside analogue) that interferes with the reproductive process of the virus.
  3. TKM-Ebola (Tekmira Pharmaceuticals) – Small inhibitory RNA molecule that interferes with the replication of the virus (supported by DOD)
  4. Brincindofovir (Chimerix) – DNA polymerase inhibitor; in vitro activity against Ebola. – Good safety record in phase 3 trial for CMV and adenovirus.
  5. Favipiravir (MediVector/toyama/Fuji) – Polymerase inhibitor; modest activity against Ebola. – Currently in phase 3 trials for influenza.

Source: NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)

NIAID Ebola Vaccines in or Approaching Phase 1 Trials

  1. NIAID/GSK (chimp adenovirus vector) – Phase 1 trials initiated September 20014 at the NIH.
  2. NewLink (VSC vector) – Phase 1 trials initiated October 2014 at the NIH and WRAIR.
  3. Crucell (adenovirus vector) – Phase 1 trials expected fall 2015.

Other vaccines in development: Profectus (VSV vector); Bavarian Nordic (MVA vector); NIAID Intramural, Thomas Jefferson University (rabies vector)

Source: NIAID  (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)


Ebola Therapeutics in Devlopment

Ebola Therapeutics in Development, Slide presented at D.C. hearing on Ebola response on 10/16/2014

NIAID Ebola Vaccines Approaching Phase 1

NIAID Ebola Vaccines Approaching Phase 1, slide from D.C. hearing on Ebola on 10/16/2014

PDF: Learn more about ZMapp, and here. Visit main site here. Please note there the supply of ZMapp has been exhausted, no more is available.



For further information on drug development, approval process, and research please contact the appropriate agency:

FDA media office:
NIH media office:
CDC media office:
ASPR media office:

Globally there have been 4493+ deaths from Ebola, and cases have surpassed 8997+ in West Africa, confirmed cases at 5006+. Now Spain, and the U.S. have patients too, and U.S. suffered one Ebola death. There are many Ebola stricken medical workers, and missionaries have been flown home to various countries, last week one died in Germany. See latest CDC outbreak info here.

CDC Phone Number: 1800-CDC-INFO

Ebola Outbreak Symptoms

Ebola Outbreak Symptoms



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