Retort to Sun Sentinel Editors: County summit needed on homelessness

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Treating Their Homeless Horribly

The Dude Dean

Let the courts give this supercharged issue a needed time-out. Let a judge determine whether Fort Lauderdale’s new ordinance passes constitutional muster or needs a tweak? Chef Arnold is 3-0 v the City of Fort Lauderdale. Do you think that all the sudden, the City is going to win this time around? ABBOTT v. CITY OF FORT LAUDERDALE

particularly those who are chronically homeless and don’t want to change their lifestyles. Don’t want to change their lifestyles? The Mayor also says the homeless don’t want help. It’s nice to see that you both like putting words/ideas in other people’s mouths for them. How kind of you.

“For too many days now, protesters with picket signs and bullhorns have commandeered the spotlight and used it to hammer Broward’s center city on the world stage.” The only bullhorn I’ve seen at one of these events was in the hand of a FLPD Capt was using it to…

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