Trump’s Ties to Russia Are Worrying, Dangerous to Our Democracy

President Donald Trump’s close ties to Russia are worrying. Russia aircraft are buzzing our ships in the Black Sea, and increasing spying. U.S. spies are wisely withholding information, because they know that Russia has interjected itself deep within Trump’s administration. Russia played a part in Trump’s election, and continue to have the ear of Trump, and his aides. This may seem out there, but I believe they want to reverse the outcome of WWII, and have the U.S. fall into pieces destroying our democracy and that of Europe. Trump does not even seem respect our democracy, and seems unsuited to be president. It is sad that Republican’s that help to elect Trump could play a part in the destruction of the very nation they had hoped Trump would protect. This tie Trump has with Russia is very dangerous, it needs investigated, and needs ended on it’s current path for the sake of the nation we all love.

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