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5 Ways for MSNBC to Improve Ratings @MSNBC

As a Democrat, I would like for MSNBC to always perform at top levels. Recently, it has been reported that their ratings have fallen, so here are my suggestions to repair the MSNBC lineup. 1. Stop showing Lockup programs. Everyone is sick of them. Seriously. 2. Show social documentaries instead of Lockup. A good company […]

8 News Reports that CNN, and MSNBC missed or failed to mention effectively for July 10, 2013 @CNN @MSNBC

I understand, and appreciate that CNN and MSNBC often gets stuck like glue on the same story all day. Before you ask, yes of course the Zimmerman trial is important, but news networks often ignore important news from around the world, and even neglect to report important events happening in the states. So here are […]