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President Barack Obama leads tributes as United States of America remembers 9/11

President Barack Obama leads Americans in remembering the victims of the 9/11 attacks on the 11th anniversary of the atrocity. NEVER FORGET 9/11 MAY THEY REST IN PEACE. MAY TERROR ATTACKS BE ENDED ON PLANET EARTH.

Watch Full Speech: President Obama Speaks on Trayvon Martin and Racism in America July 19, 2013

President Obama makes a statement about Trayvon Martin and the verdict of the court trial that followed the Florida teenager’s death.

Justice for Trayvon Protesters Seek Legal Justice and Stop to Racial Profiling of Blacks in America #JusticeforTrayvon

Watch the fiery debate of Jelani Cobb of The New Yorker, David Webb of NYC Tea Party & Clinton Yates of Washington Post. “Ben Jealous, President and CEO of the NAACP, tells Candy why the case struck a cord with members of the black community.”- CNN“Attorney General Eric Holder says the killing of Trayvon Martin […]

Videos: Two Dead, 181 Hurt in San Francisco Air Crash

On July 6, 2013, an Asiana Airlines flight crashed while landing at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday, killing at least two people, injuring dozens of others and forcing passengers to jump down the emergency inflatable slides. I hope  that those still in critical condition make a quick recovery, and that there are no more […]

7 Examples of President Obama Urging U.S. Infrastructure Investment 2010-2013

There are even more examples of President Obama urging Congress to pass infrastructure investment, this cannot be ignored nor denied by anyone. Will Congress act? With two bridge collapses under America’s belt now, before even more occur hopefully congress will do something about it. If not they are to blame. The list of bridges that […]

“We Got Him” Bomb Suspect 19yr. old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Alive and In Custody in Boston Mass.

“Five days of terror ended Friday when officials said they took the second marathon bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, into custody. He is alive, but wounded A flurry of applause at the scene of a standoff between police and Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev signaled his capture Friday night. After a nearly two-hour standoff in […]

1 Boston Suspect Dead, Manhunt Underway for 2nd

Boston area authorities say one of the two Boston Marathon suspects is dead, after a shootout with police. An active manhunt is underway for the second suspect. Listen to Boston Police Scanner ABC: BOSTON — “One of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings was killed early Friday morning after leading the police on a […]

US on High Alert

Springtime in the United States has brought a new surge of insecurity and anxiety. The Patriot’s Day bombing at the Boston Marathon destroyed a joyous event, killing three people and wounding 176. It has been 12 years since the nation suffered the far greater losses of 9/11, yet this threw national protective efforts into question […]

Boston Marathon Bomb Suspect Spotted on Video

Prayers have been said for the Boston bomb victims. While they are upper most in people’s minds, the search for those responsible goes on. Investigators say they have found images of a potential suspect from a surveillance camera. A man has been viewed dropping off a bag at the scene. However the FBI has denied […]

Videos, Photos, and News of Fertilizer Plant Explosion in West, Texas near Waco

Explosions rocked a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, Wednesday evening as firefighters were battling a fire, causing multiple injuries, authorities said. Rescue crews are searching for survivors in a small Texas town after a huge fire and explosion at a fertilizer plant near Waco killed at least five people and wounded more than 150 others. […]