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DIY: How To Make a 3 Penny Battery

Is there free energy hidden inside your pocket change? Hack pennies into make-shift batteries that can drive small current devices like LED’s and calculators. – Check out more from Grant Thompson on the King of Random or his Youtube channel.

The Young Turks: Why is Bradley Manning’s Pleading Guilty?

“The U.S. Army private accused of providing secret documents to the WikiLeaks website pleaded guilty on Thursday to misusing classified material he felt “should become public,” but denied the top charge of aiding the enemy.”*Bradley Manning is facing prosecution for giving military information to Wikileaks. He’s plead guilty to some charges. He maintains that he […]

CNN is removing their best journalist, Soledad O’Brien. Can they not handle her real journalism?

From my tweets: “Shame on CNN for replacing their best journalist Soledad O’Brien on Starting Point. She was what every journalist should inspire to be like.” Soledad O’Brien deserves a voice in political journalism, CNN is making a mistake removing her from her morning show Starting Point. Al Jazeera English or MSNBC should snatch up Soledad […]

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